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Lucy Pro Pet House with Sledge

  • Comfort & Cozy
    • Ultra-soft and breathable fabric for unparalleled comfort
    • Triple layers provide robust support for pets' skeletal structure
  • Easy to Clean
    • Removable outer layers
    • Lifted by a premium rubberwood sleigh, it ensures easy cleaning beneath the house and prevents moisture accumulation
  • Pet Anxiety Alleviation
    • Semi-sheltered design
    • Celestial adornment filled with sound-making paper
    • Snug & Secure from the gentle sway
Product Size(CM): 51*51*41+56*38*6.5

Included in the set:

  • 5 puzzle pieces
  • 1 front decor
  • 2 wings
  • Legs and accessories 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tyler B.

"I'm thrilled with Lucy Pro! The breathable fabric ensures my pet's comfort, and the semi-sheltered design helps calm her nerves. The celestial adornment adds a charming touch!"

Kayla Miller

"Lucy Pro has exceeded my expectations! The ultra-soft fabric is like a dream, and the triple layers offer superior support. Cleaning is a breeze with the removable outer layers!"

Zachary Carter

"I highly recommend Lucy Pro to all pet owners! The breathable fabric keeps my furry friend cozy, and the semi-sheltered design helps alleviate anxiety. The celestial adornment is a cute touch!"

Elizabeth F.

"Lucy Pro is a game-changer for my pet's relaxation! The ultra-soft fabric ensures ultimate comfort, and the triple layers offer excellent support. Plus, the removable outer layers make maintenance easy!"

Hannah Thomas

"Lucy Pro is worth every penny! The ultra-soft fabric keeps my pet content, and the triple layers ensure optimal support. Plus, the removable outer layers make it easy to keep clean!"