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About Us

Founded in New Zealand in 2020, SUPWOW aims to provide precious moments and memories to all pet lovers and families.

Well-being and sustainability are always our priorities. We offer a wide range of products that serve both baby and pets well, and all materials used are guaranteed toxin-free and soft for skins.

Toys & Accessories

Lucy Pro Basic
Lucy Pro Luxury

What Our Customers Say

Yeah yeah's design is adorable! I bought this for my cat, and it contains cat grass. She's obsessed with it! The material is soft and safe.


It's brilliant. The fact that the bed is easy to clean is a huge plus. My cat loves it, and tbf my kids play on it as well.


I'm so impressed by lucy pro bed! My cat is very picky, but she took to it right away. The design is charming and the ability to adjust the size is fantastic. Great purchase!


Die Möglichkeit, die Größe anzupassen, ist erstaunlich. Meine Katze faulenzt gerne den ganzen Tag darin. Das Design ist süß und sehr praktisch.


私が買った犬のおもちゃはとてもかわいいです! 私達はそれが大好き。 ありがとう


Toys are in good qualities, thanks.